Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Irish Days - DAY-4

Date: 11-June-2008
Place: Room #207, The Derby House Hotel

1. Pretty interesting day
2. Started off taking bath in the tub. Thats too funny.
3. First day to office 'by walk'
4. Straight into work. Easy project !
5. More technical details.. Busy working.
6. It has started raining today. KB said "It is the real Irish climate"
7. CO seems to be so royal that he disliked my shift to The Derby House Hotel
8. Pocket full of coins. How do these people manage.
9. Lunch had some rice too ! But 0% spice ;) Expense: 2.80EURO
10. Way back to the room. Met Vasanth, a civil engineer, with his wife (a gud homely looking programmer) looking for a house here in town. Learnt that sharing rooms are available here for some 60EURO/week. Good to here a Tamil voice "Naan Coimbatore-dhaanga (I'm from Coimbatore)"
11. He gave his contact number. Need to use it in a right time.
12. Ate some Chenna rice (Expense: 3.50EURO) in Ahmed's hotel
13. Asked him about any shared rooms. Said some Pakistanis living in upstairs of Eurostar. One of the person's name is Ajmal. Should be cautious. May not be in sync with us.
14. Bought some grocery 5.17EURO.
15. Good that people must pay for 22p for plastic carry bags as a tax. This must be a trend in India to reduce plastic cover usage.
16. Total Expense: 11.69EURO. Exceeded the limit. Let's tally tomorrow.
17. Feeling sleeeeepy today. Good night!

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