Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Irish Days - DAY-5

Day-5: 12-Jun-2008
Place: The Derby House Hotel

1. This day has built some confidence in me to make a living here. Even thought of looking for a permanent job, but not desparate.
2. Day started late. Reached office by 9:20
3. Got some real work to do. Requirements for Phase-1 gathering started
4. CO worried about my position to walk from Hotel to office.
5. KB getting close to me. Seems to be a nice guy.
6. Got rice in lunch again (Expense: 3.80EURO)
7. Busy busy noon. Involved in coding.
8. By evening had a good chat with KB about sharings in the town.
9. Bought some bread and water from Eurospar (expense: 2.51EURO)
10. Had a long long walk across the breadth of the town upto Ruenberg Manor. Town is really so tidy. Ruenberg is very very excellent living place. Love to live here for some years. Also visited a place Roamville which is toooo rich. Cool place.
11. Also had a look at the interiors of the town. Need to look for some good place here.
12. Weather was very cool today. Must have been below 7 degrees.
13. During the evening walk, an old man said an affable "Hello" to me, unlike in India where people never believe strangers, especially the unmarrieds. Got to learn from these people.
14. Still need to build the confidence for interacting with these people as themselves.

Total Expense: 5.56 EURO.

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