Friday, December 4, 2009

The Irish Days - DAY-6

Day-6: (13-Jun-08)
Place: Derby House Hotel

1. Quite a boring drowsy Friiday (my first weekend!). I find some problem with my communication contrary to my belief.
2. Met with business team and couldn't understand most of the things out of their mouth. Fed up!!
3. Still looking for a sharing. Aasin from Red Onion is very very helpful. A Pakistani is helping an Indian.
4. Lunch. Again the same. Expense: 2.75EURO
5. Work has started boring and life here too & don't know exactly why. Am I moody?
6. Aasin helped me meet Ajmal at Paddy Power. Interesting to see a guy who makes a living by gambling.
7. He's not interested to share his room with me, as the room is very small. Said somebody will vacate room and I'll be informed. 80EURO per week is a great deal.
8. Rangesh (from previous project) is disturbing me a lot.
9. Nothing much interesting. My legs are paining like hell. May be because of the long walk yesterday.
10. Dinner: 3.50 EURO. A chenna rice again. How long can I live with the chenna rice, the only available herbivores stuff.

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