Monday, December 14, 2009

The Irish Days - DAY-9

Date: 16-Jun-08
Place: The Derby House Hotel

1. Got used to the routine and to the town. The town is now old for me.
2. Woke up early and went to the office as usual.
3. Very usual day perhaps
4. People here eat a faster lunch... not more than 10 minutes... especially CO... pretty nice guy as my manager said. I was coding with 100% attention. All of a sudden CO said from my back "Beautiful...". He was behind me looking at the code. Should keep up his words.
5. Lunch Expense: 2.75EURO
6. Ajmal said that there are no rooms.
7. Some party was hosted at the Red Onion. Ahmed inadvertently gave me meat, and unfortunately I had to omit it. He was disappointed. He felt tensed and left my dinner as complementary. I must tally this emotional outburst tomorrow anyways.
8. Lord Edward B&B is full for the next 2 months. No way I can get room there. Ajmal sharing room is the only way. Should look for some safety locker.
9. Thinking of calling Vasanth (the Tamil fellow I met in streets of the town). That must be the last choice.
10. Worried that the assignment may extend. Should either finish before that or should take the work back to offshore. Second one being my choice.

Total Expense: 2.75EURO

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Irish Days - DAY-8

Day-8: 15-Jun-2008
Place: The Derby House Hotel

1. Weekends are loooooong. Somebody must help me get out of this boredom.
2. Went to Dublin city. Not such a great city. No tall buildings nor clean roads as shown in Indian cinemas.
3. It's a very normal city with an Irish cultural flavour. Many monuments, castles, etc... are there. Explored all these by city tour Hop-on Hop-off buses. Expense: 15EURO
4. Starved in the noon and drunk just one apple juice. 2.70EURO
5. Its an overdose of tourist attraction and it pushed to a great vacuum of boredom already pushed by my loneliness.
6. Stepped into the famous Henry Street and got to see many Indian faces. They are reluctant even to smile back.
7. Met an Indian in the Hop-on-hop-off bus. He said that his parents are Indians/Keralites. He surprised about India's improvement when he went there last year.
8. Out of appetite, I bought some salad etc... for 5.91EURO
9. Loads of movies.. no other go.. should think of other alternatives.. preparing for GATE or for any whitepapers.
10. Used a long journey from Dublin 'back' to Kildare: 10.30EURO. Lot of expenses. A typical weekend. But should make sure we are not put under pressure in the last days.
11. God damn.. get out of this place ASAP.

Total Expense: 39.91EURO

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Irish Days - DAY-7

Day-7: 14-Jun-2008
Place: The Derby House Hotel

1. Another boring day. It's weekend and people around are enjoying crazily. More liqour, more joy, more expenses.
2. I tried to go Dublin but couldn't collect much energy and confidence. I dressed well & walked upto Kildare village to check my account balance :)
3. Came back and spent almost 2 hours reading a novel which is quite boring
4. Started back with an energy to the office after watching a movie "The Best Game Ever Played" about golf in which a little boy wins championship against all odds.
5. But in vain, I found I.T. department to be closed in weekends. Crazy. If it were India, office would have been crowded.
6. "Red Onion" seems to be open only in the evening
7. Came back to the room. Slept as usual. Went to Red Onion after that.
8. Aasin said that Ajmal is ready to show his room. I ate Naan with Kurma stuffs. I spent 24.90EURO there; a big amount I thought I should not spend again.
9. Brought some fruit and water. 2.75EURO.
10. Went to Ajmal's room. Quite messy as a typical bachelor's room. Although I'm okay with it, I'm not ready to share his room as I highly doubted his profile. Security is more important than money.
11. I said if nothing comes around, I'll share the room.
12. I don't know whether these Pakistani's are reliable, except for Ahmed. I see them all in Paddy Power gambling always.
13. Learnt that Ajmal is a horse-rider but not having license to ride in races as a jockey. He said he is getting as low as 365EURO/week and if he becomes race jockey he'll get more. Everybody have their own passions cracking their neck.
14. Weekends are lonely here. I feel it very very boring. Thinking of going to Dublin tomorrow. Lets see how it works out.
15. I must push these days sooner and should return back to India ASAP.

Total Expense: 27.65EURO

Friday, December 4, 2009

The Irish Days - DAY-6

Day-6: (13-Jun-08)
Place: Derby House Hotel

1. Quite a boring drowsy Friiday (my first weekend!). I find some problem with my communication contrary to my belief.
2. Met with business team and couldn't understand most of the things out of their mouth. Fed up!!
3. Still looking for a sharing. Aasin from Red Onion is very very helpful. A Pakistani is helping an Indian.
4. Lunch. Again the same. Expense: 2.75EURO
5. Work has started boring and life here too & don't know exactly why. Am I moody?
6. Aasin helped me meet Ajmal at Paddy Power. Interesting to see a guy who makes a living by gambling.
7. He's not interested to share his room with me, as the room is very small. Said somebody will vacate room and I'll be informed. 80EURO per week is a great deal.
8. Rangesh (from previous project) is disturbing me a lot.
9. Nothing much interesting. My legs are paining like hell. May be because of the long walk yesterday.
10. Dinner: 3.50 EURO. A chenna rice again. How long can I live with the chenna rice, the only available herbivores stuff.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Irish Days - DAY-5

Day-5: 12-Jun-2008
Place: The Derby House Hotel

1. This day has built some confidence in me to make a living here. Even thought of looking for a permanent job, but not desparate.
2. Day started late. Reached office by 9:20
3. Got some real work to do. Requirements for Phase-1 gathering started
4. CO worried about my position to walk from Hotel to office.
5. KB getting close to me. Seems to be a nice guy.
6. Got rice in lunch again (Expense: 3.80EURO)
7. Busy busy noon. Involved in coding.
8. By evening had a good chat with KB about sharings in the town.
9. Bought some bread and water from Eurospar (expense: 2.51EURO)
10. Had a long long walk across the breadth of the town upto Ruenberg Manor. Town is really so tidy. Ruenberg is very very excellent living place. Love to live here for some years. Also visited a place Roamville which is toooo rich. Cool place.
11. Also had a look at the interiors of the town. Need to look for some good place here.
12. Weather was very cool today. Must have been below 7 degrees.
13. During the evening walk, an old man said an affable "Hello" to me, unlike in India where people never believe strangers, especially the unmarrieds. Got to learn from these people.
14. Still need to build the confidence for interacting with these people as themselves.

Total Expense: 5.56 EURO.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Irish Days - DAY-4

Date: 11-June-2008
Place: Room #207, The Derby House Hotel

1. Pretty interesting day
2. Started off taking bath in the tub. Thats too funny.
3. First day to office 'by walk'
4. Straight into work. Easy project !
5. More technical details.. Busy working.
6. It has started raining today. KB said "It is the real Irish climate"
7. CO seems to be so royal that he disliked my shift to The Derby House Hotel
8. Pocket full of coins. How do these people manage.
9. Lunch had some rice too ! But 0% spice ;) Expense: 2.80EURO
10. Way back to the room. Met Vasanth, a civil engineer, with his wife (a gud homely looking programmer) looking for a house here in town. Learnt that sharing rooms are available here for some 60EURO/week. Good to here a Tamil voice "Naan Coimbatore-dhaanga (I'm from Coimbatore)"
11. He gave his contact number. Need to use it in a right time.
12. Ate some Chenna rice (Expense: 3.50EURO) in Ahmed's hotel
13. Asked him about any shared rooms. Said some Pakistanis living in upstairs of Eurostar. One of the person's name is Ajmal. Should be cautious. May not be in sync with us.
14. Bought some grocery 5.17EURO.
15. Good that people must pay for 22p for plastic carry bags as a tax. This must be a trend in India to reduce plastic cover usage.
16. Total Expense: 11.69EURO. Exceeded the limit. Let's tally tomorrow.
17. Feeling sleeeeepy today. Good night!

Monday, November 30, 2009

The Irish Days - DAY-3

1. The town is so silent. Time is 07:16 PM !
2. Had a nice day in the office. Learnt that the project would be pretty easy :)
3. Went to office in a taxi. The taxi driver spoke about many interesting things.
4. KB, the 10-yr-exp-developer, is curious about knowing me. He spoke very frankly about India, and China that they are booming nations threatening the other nations' growth. He also said that Ireland started to grow just before 20 years.
5. Still other cubicle mates are not coping up with me.
6. Went to The CattleView Farm B&B. Nobody there. The taxi driver accompanied well. He has been a taxi driver for the past 6 months. Before that he was a landscaper. Eventhough it is physically tough he enjoyed it. He said "You know it's pretty good when I make something out of a place that is nothing". Good thought.
7. He also said that he does not like cricket. Almost everybody here speak with me about cricket, economy, and climate of India.
8. The driver billed 90EURO. Forgot to get a bill again.
9. Thank God I found The Derby House Hotel so close walkable from the LM office. Fullstop for taxis.
10. But still to save some money I need to look for some other hotels/guest houses. Paid 780EURO for 13 nights; 60 per night.
11. I'm scared that I may not be returned the amount I paid if I check out earlier. When enquired, the receptionist said they'll return the amount.
12. Still doubting what to tell to the HR people.
13. Thank God again that I found an Indian hotel here in town. Ate mushroom rice with a coke as compliment for just 3.95EURO.
14. A Pakistani, Ahmed, is running the Indian restaurant. Great thing.. our brothers are fighting there back.
15. Finally, got a toothpaste for 2.95EURO. Pretty costly if converted to INR. I'm getting ready to save at least 1000EURO
16. I think I'm now left up with just around 2989EURO. Need to look for some other living place soon. Mail HR asking how much is the per diem including accomodation.
17. Meanwhile, got into the server room where PLOM application runs. Great to be into the den of a little lion!! Pretty interesting experience.
18. Need to brush up official things.
19. I somehow felt guilty hearing that here is a 31% increase in unemployment in Ireland, the highest recorded in the past 9 years. We may be one of the reasons for that. Who knows, the skilled pros may not be available here.
20. Polls are up in Ireland. One party says No for Ireland to be part of EU and the other Yes. Need to learn more about this thing.
21. Taxi driver said that housing is the job hub for about 40% of the people here.
22. The driver asked about the population in India. I said 1100 million. He laughed and said, its just 4 million here !
23. The driver also said that I speak better English like an English.
24. He can't speak mcuh Irish; learnt and forgot in school ! Still people in Western Ireland speak Irish "only". Very traditional.
25. Had some "vegetable" lunch in the canteen. Expense: 2.90EURO!