Monday, December 14, 2009

The Irish Days - DAY-9

Date: 16-Jun-08
Place: The Derby House Hotel

1. Got used to the routine and to the town. The town is now old for me.
2. Woke up early and went to the office as usual.
3. Very usual day perhaps
4. People here eat a faster lunch... not more than 10 minutes... especially CO... pretty nice guy as my manager said. I was coding with 100% attention. All of a sudden CO said from my back "Beautiful...". He was behind me looking at the code. Should keep up his words.
5. Lunch Expense: 2.75EURO
6. Ajmal said that there are no rooms.
7. Some party was hosted at the Red Onion. Ahmed inadvertently gave me meat, and unfortunately I had to omit it. He was disappointed. He felt tensed and left my dinner as complementary. I must tally this emotional outburst tomorrow anyways.
8. Lord Edward B&B is full for the next 2 months. No way I can get room there. Ajmal sharing room is the only way. Should look for some safety locker.
9. Thinking of calling Vasanth (the Tamil fellow I met in streets of the town). That must be the last choice.
10. Worried that the assignment may extend. Should either finish before that or should take the work back to offshore. Second one being my choice.

Total Expense: 2.75EURO


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