Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Irish Days - DAY-7

Day-7: 14-Jun-2008
Place: The Derby House Hotel

1. Another boring day. It's weekend and people around are enjoying crazily. More liqour, more joy, more expenses.
2. I tried to go Dublin but couldn't collect much energy and confidence. I dressed well & walked upto Kildare village to check my account balance :)
3. Came back and spent almost 2 hours reading a novel which is quite boring
4. Started back with an energy to the office after watching a movie "The Best Game Ever Played" about golf in which a little boy wins championship against all odds.
5. But in vain, I found I.T. department to be closed in weekends. Crazy. If it were India, office would have been crowded.
6. "Red Onion" seems to be open only in the evening
7. Came back to the room. Slept as usual. Went to Red Onion after that.
8. Aasin said that Ajmal is ready to show his room. I ate Naan with Kurma stuffs. I spent 24.90EURO there; a big amount I thought I should not spend again.
9. Brought some fruit and water. 2.75EURO.
10. Went to Ajmal's room. Quite messy as a typical bachelor's room. Although I'm okay with it, I'm not ready to share his room as I highly doubted his profile. Security is more important than money.
11. I said if nothing comes around, I'll share the room.
12. I don't know whether these Pakistani's are reliable, except for Ahmed. I see them all in Paddy Power gambling always.
13. Learnt that Ajmal is a horse-rider but not having license to ride in races as a jockey. He said he is getting as low as 365EURO/week and if he becomes race jockey he'll get more. Everybody have their own passions cracking their neck.
14. Weekends are lonely here. I feel it very very boring. Thinking of going to Dublin tomorrow. Lets see how it works out.
15. I must push these days sooner and should return back to India ASAP.

Total Expense: 27.65EURO

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