Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Irish Days - DAY-2

Date: 9-June-2008
Place: Guest room in The Osprey Hotel, Naas

1. Had a tough time taking bath in a bath tub.
2. Hired a txi to travel to the office (Expense: 33.30 EURO)
3. Visited LM (Client office name suppressed) by 08:00 AM. CO (Client name suppressed) seemed to turn by 09:00 AM. And disappointingly I'm having appointment only by 03:00 PM.
4. Phoned HR. Seems that they have given the card for UK and not for Ireland.
5. I have strated to count my days for returning back to my home in Chennai.
6. Met CO. Seems to be a nice guy. Working culture here is too good. No so formal. Need to learn from these guys. Had an intro to the cubicle mates.
7. Cool guys and not a better project. Foreseeing some tough time later. They seem to have less hope in me particularly KB (client name suppressed), the 10+ year experienced in PLOM (App name suppressed) is of particular concern and looks like not liking me. But CO is too cool and he helps me understnad things literally well.
8. Happy news. My card is working now. Commuting from Naas is the foremost problem and next to that is the charges levied by Osprey damn hotel. Need to look some guest house close to the office.
9. I need to charge up & cope up with this culture & people irrespective of the expenses. Go.. speak with people. Build some positive attitude in you.
10. KV (HR name suppressed) helped a lot to sort out the problem with my card. Good man!!
11. Noon lunch was terribly bad. A veg sandwich which I can't master eating. CO seemed embarassed but didn't show off. Surprising thing is nobody stared at me unlike in India.
12. Hired a taxi to get back to the hotel (Exp: 30 EURO). Forgot to get the receipt for that.
13. Withdrew 200EURO from an ATM nearby
14. Learnt that some 5+ colleagues are here around in a place called Saggart; 49 Kms away from Naas. Let's have time to meet them.
15. Spoke with Amma & Hari. Fot to tell them that nothing is fine in this "VILLAGE". Need to get back home soon.
16. More things to worry. Hope things will get fine.
17. Now moving out for shopping.. err.. for just roaming.
18. Got a damn thing done. Kept the perungayam (Asafoetida) dappa on one of the lights in my hotel room. It got melt in the heat of the bulb. The bulb is damaged badly; also the furniture. I'm too scared that I'll be billed for it. Need to get outta this place ASAP.
19. Got some bread from a grocery nearby. (EXP: 8EURO)

Total expense today: 71.30 EURO

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