Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Irish Days - DAY-1

Day-1: 8-June-2008
Place: Guest Room in The Osprey Hotel, Naas

1. Had a nice journey from Frankfurt to Dublin
2. Hopped on to a taxi from Dublin to The Osprey Hotel in Naas town. Seems that the taxi has over-billed : 88EURO.
3. Travel cash card given by my employer not working. Paid the hotel 125EURO for check-in. Have a balance of 150EURO.
4. Running out of money!
5. Sent a mail to HR & Travel desk: "Please help". Today's sunday; so they hardly listened. But in no way I have money to start tomorrow or to eat today. I'm starving.
6. In search of an ATM that could give me MONEY, I found Naas to be a peaceful place if you're RICH. It's not the good old story of enjoying life abroad. No ATM is accepting my card. Help me, my God.
7. The sun is still shining at 19:56 :)
8. Not able to make a call to UK HR
9. Finally reached HR . He said things will be sorted out tomorrow.
10. The day was over with a cup of noodles boiled in a water heater !!
11. Meanwhile, I felt Rambha's (BTW, thats my pettie doggie. Why the hell did I forget about my parents!) absence leading to a bit of home-sickness, at least mentally.
12. Tomorrow will be a good day.

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