Saturday, March 29, 2008

BCB6 - A try to gather people with a common interest on DSL

Hi Folks,

I have planned to discuss/present about my ideas on Domain Specific Languages at BCB6.

Please comment on this post / mail to me, if you have any idea of presenting something in BCB6 about:

1. Domain Specific Languages
2. Meta programming
3. UNIX little languages
4. Software Factories
5. XML
6. MDA (Model Driven Architecture)
9. APIs
10. Internal DSLs in Ruby (!!)

All these topics converge towards the broad concept, DSL.

Here are some links that can help you to start with:

I think more people from ThoughtWorks will be interested in this stuff. We could turn it into a small-scale collective.

I doubt that I'm i over-enthusiastic as this is my first Barcamp to attend. Please let me know, if so :)

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