Saturday, November 17, 2007

Inbound Revolution

There are two mistakes one can make along the road to truth...not going all the way, and not starting - Lord Buddha

Am stunned!! Really stunned!!

If you are a person who is in Software Industry and if you are a person looking for a job that respects you in the first place and if you are a person looking for a good pay for that too and if you are a person who deserve it really, then you are ought to be in Thoughtworks

Yes. Thinking that am a person as described above, I went through the interview process of ThoughtWorks. Fortunately, I was given the opportunity to reach their dynasty at least upto the 4th round in the process. [As you may have gone through in the site, the process has 8 rounds, if am right]. Unfortunately, kicked off in the logical assessment round. Eventhough I highly doubt the reliability of such kind of tests, over the coding assessment, I really enjoyed the process.

Before doing the groundwork for attending their interview, I was not very much interested in blogging, nor in developer community activities, nor in OSS, nor in designs and patterns, nor in a revolutionary software development methodology-Agile, nor in many things that are not listed here. Simply to put in the words of one of my friends (Abishake Subramanian) "I was under real bull-shit" and now Thoughtworks has revolutionized my inner-sense. I now feel that I have to pay respect to the global surname I hold "Engineer." Thanks to Thoughtworkers for revolutionizing the developer society.

I have now started to work on these fields:
1) Designs and Patterns
2) Updates in newer versions of .Net and C#
3) Downloaded a OSS source-code, BlogNet, and analyzing it
4) Downloaded Ruby, installed it and going through the know-hows
5) Restarted (!!) this blog
6) Forget my office while am not there(supposed not to reveal.. sucks)

and last but not the least, research works on Agile and planning to conduct a seminar on that in the college where I graduated.

So, just the entry point of this company has pulled me out the "real" bull-shit and truly revolutionized my thoughts. If I would get chance to get into their office as an employee, I suppose I'll be near to God of Softwares (can we name as Geekory, a random name perhaps)

And this blog will turn active from this day and discuss about all the things mentioned above. I welcome you all to respond to my posts.


Pankaj said...

Its never too late... Keep going.. My Best Wishes.. All the best..

Ritesh said...

Yo prem sir....nice one though I didnt understand ABCD of what u were talking about(too technical for me), let me wish that u conquer all that n then finally end up in ur dream company.

Anonymous said...

Hi Prem,

But what do u exactly mean from this "Updates in newer versions of .Net and C#" ?


premblogger said...

Thank u Pankaj and Ritesh.

In the telephonic interview conducted by Thoughtworks, I encountered a question "Did you get any opportunity of working in C# 3.0 or 3.5?"

As most of the times I do, I lied "Unfortunately not, but am following the updates in C#"

He in turn asked, "So, what interests you the most in newer versions of C#?"

STUCK UP!! And blabbered "I don't remember" kinda words. Yuck!!

And thats the point where I decided to search for updates in C# and .Net. Previously, I blindly stuck to .Net 1.1/2.0 and C#2.0.

Muthu, I have specified these things as "Updates in newer versions of .Net and C#"